Dewsbury Rams v Hunslet RLFC

22/04/2012 - 3:00 pm


Right from the beginning of the season us Hawks have been hit with some pretty bad injuries and as we headed into today’s fixture at the Tetley’s stadium for a match against Dewsbury. The boys were going to have to pull together if they were going to give the Rams a game.

The game got off to a slow start the scoreboard remaining pointless for 15 minutes both sides looked to be evenly matched, but it was the Hawks who got things going a penalty converted by Joe Mc allowed Hunslet to race into the lead. Unmistakably focused on scoring some more the squad tried everything they could but keeping hold of the ball proved difficult. Allowing Dewsbury to pressure the line was dangerous especially with not long of the half left to go. Dwayne Barker caused most of the problems with the boot, he fired a kick deep into the corner which created the first try. Fullback Austin Buchanan’s safe hands secured it and he landed the try. Hunslet wasted no time and returned with one of their own. Making the most of an opportunity from a penalty Joe Mc broke clear from the scrum and metres from the line handed the ball to the perfectly positioned Oakesy who shrugged off some poor defence to reward his side with 4 more points. The boys headed to half time with the lead, in a comfortable position they could return to the final 40 confident, that they could fly away with the victory.

What seemed to be the best start to the second half, turned out to be the worst a blatant knock on went unnoticed by the officials but unsettled the Huns defence. As Barker sent up yet another high ball , Buchanan had the height advantage and managed to steal it from the hands of Lee Brickwood to ground it barely 5 minutes in. The try had been unlucky as the defence had been strong and effective in most parts, Gareth Davies and Luke Haigh stood out both making countless tackles denying the Rams any advantage. Focusing on attack the Hawks raced to get back into it, but the offside position of their opponents made it increasingly difficult for them. David March forcing his way under the sticks, Ryan Smith controlling things from the half back position it was impossible to see why the Hawks had not crossed the whitewash on more than one occasion. The second row pairing in Oakesy and Steve Lewis worked well together proving they had the potential to score more. Penalties which continued to go against Hunslet meant the Rams regained possession once again on the line the Hawks had done 3 defensive sets and as the ball travelled towards the wing it stretched the Hunslet side with it, right hand defenders couldn’t manage to halt the strong running centre Faal and the Rams had stolen another try.

It was another game were the attitude of the Hawks had been the thing that kept them going the referee’s whistle had beaten them but they continued to perform and made themselves and the fan’s very proud. As the game to an end a score of 16-8 didn’t seem that disappointing the display had proved that they were worthy contenders throughout the match.

A break next week should hopefully give the side some time to maybe try and shake some of their injuries. A fixture against Batley will be difficult but everyone is confident the boys will continue to give there all.

Well done to Barry and the boys


Hunslet RLFC Line up
17. David Tootill
Sponsored by: John Hodgson
16. Neil Lowe
Sponsored by: Eric Simon
15. Steve Lewis
Sponsored by: Leeds Bacon Company Ltd
14. Jack Bradbury
13. David March
Sponsored by: A & R Construction
12. John Oakes
Sponsored by: Leeds Bacon Company Ltd
11. Richard Blakeway
10. Anthony Henderson
Sponsored by: Available Call 0113 2712730
9. Luke Haigh
Sponsored by: Elliott & Ewan Green
8. Andrew Yates
Sponsored by: Village Urban Resorts South Leeds
7. Ryan Smith
6. Joe Mclocklan
Sponsored by: Yorkshire Signs
5. Stuart Kain
Sponsored by: Beth Hampshire
4. David Clayton
Sponsored by: Barry & Norma Harding
3. Gareth Davies
2. Lee Brickwood
Sponsored by: Eric Simon
1. Elliot Hodgson
Sponsored by: Villa Soft Drinks
17 Joe Mclocklan Goal
35 John Oakes Try
35 Joe Mclocklan Goal

Dewsbury Rams

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Hunslet RLFC

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