Hunslet RLFC v Dewsbury Rams

19/08/2012 - 3:00 pm
South Leeds Stadium


The last home game of the season was here, and a win against neighbouring side the Dewsbury Rams could hopefully push us away from the bottom of the table. After a very impressive display against the Sheffield Eagles just a week ago we were hoping for the same level of enthusiasm displayed today.

Before the game a minutes silence was held for Geoff Shelton a former Hunslet, Yorkshire and Great Britain legend who passed away earlier this week. During his fabulous career he earned 7 caps in the Great Britain squad and was also a part of the 1966 tour of Australia. His family were with us at the game and we would like to offer them our condolences and thoughts.

The game got under way with a brilliant opening set from the Hawks, working their way into the Rams half and then defensively forcing the knock on. Control from the rook area appeared good but it was the last tackle and the high boot from the visitors just got the better of fullback Kainy as it bounced in front of him and into the hands of Pat Walker who put it down under the sticks, starting off proceedings for the day. Both sides struggling at the bottom of the Championship table the two teams were almost evenly matched and both had the ability to score points. The Hawks had managed to set-up camp just meters from the try line forcing penalty after penalty they were causing all sorts of problems. Haighy timed his attack perfectly scooting over from half back he threw the dummy and crossed the line to award the home side with the 4 points. A difficult conversion from the touch line and Helliwell just pushed it wide. We were only trailing by two and with the pace of the game so far it definitely wasn’t going to finish on this score. The Hawks kicking game had improved immensely throughout this season and it was in full swing today, almost leading to us scoring twice first a grubber from Marchy, the second a chip into the corner from Helliwell both just rolling dead. But it was third time lucky as Karalius sent it high up into the air; Kainy stole it from the hands of the Rams and placed it down to push Hunslet back into the lead. The Hawks should have regained composure quickly though as it wasn’t long before the Rams returned with one of their own making the most of the unorganised defence in front of them they broke through and crossed in the corner, which allowed them the upper hand heading off for the break at 10-12 was more optimistic than those of recent weeks and with more of this same effort we could pull the game back with 40 minutes left on the clock.

5 minutes into the second half and the Hawks were off to a flying start. Winger Liam Welham weaved his way through the line, even as defenders clung to him he managed to power through and ground it just left of the posts. The crowds roared as Helliwell landed the kick as the thought of the first win in 15 games was on course. Although the game became very predictable with both teams scoring within minutes of their opponents it was becoming difficult to see who would take the victory and the Hawks were making things very hard for themselves, numerous knock on’s and forward passes granted the Rams with the possession they needed late in the second half and with time running out Dewsbury made themselves the favourites dominating play they scored twice Walker had his kicking boots on to make sure that they were two converted tries ahead and a difficult lead to catch up. But skipper Marchy wasn’t about to let that defeat the Hawks he led the way forcing the side down field they were in good field position. The forwards did their work and it was David himself who slid over the line to narrow the difference with 10 minutes left to go. Just minutes after being a try away from a draw the Rams were at it again crossing the line with ease. Those were the points that had given the game to Dewsbury and as the final hooter blew a score of 22-34 seemed slightly disappointing.

The Hawks had played really well for the majority of the game but some bad spells had cost them victory. They had allowed Dewsbury to go in front and they just didn’t have the time to get the points back. Hopefully this result will give the players the confidence they need to go forward and get a big win for the last game of the season as we take on rivals York in a battle for ninth place.

Well done to Barry and the boys.

Hunslet RLFC Line up
1. Stuart Kain
Sponsored by: Beth Hampshire
2. Lee Mapals
Sponsored by: Leeds Bacon Company Ltd
3. Josh Nathaniel
4. Liam Welham
Sponsored by: Adrian Jinks
5. Lee Brickwood
Sponsored by: Eric Simon
6. Luke Helliwell
Sponsored by: Jewson, Leeds
7. Ben Karalius
Sponsored by: Available call 0113 2712730
8. Steve Lewis
Sponsored by: Leeds Bacon Company Ltd
9. Luke Haigh
Sponsored by: Elliott & Ewan Green
10. Luke Menzies
Sponsored by: Fred & Jane Hopkins
11. David Clayton
Sponsored by: Barry & Norma Harding
12. John Oakes
Sponsored by: Leeds Bacon Company Ltd
13. David March
Sponsored by: A & R Construction
14. Joe Mclocklan
Sponsored by: Yorkshire Signs
15. Tommy Haughey
Sponsored by: Dawn Caley
16. Ryan Benjafield
Sponsored by: Eric Simon
17. Andrew Yates
Sponsored by: Village Urban Resorts South Leeds
24:00 Luke Haigh Try
32:00 Stuart Kain Try
33:00 Luke Helliwell Goal
44:00 Liam Welham Try
45:00 Luke Helliwell Goal
63:00 David March Try
64:00 Luke Helliwell Goal

Hunslet RLFC

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Dewsbury Rams

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