Hunslet RLFC v Doncaster RLFC

15/03/2015 - 3:00 pm
South Leeds Stadium


Following last week’s tough defeat the Hawks came into their fifth game of the season with a slight chip on their shoulder – (last week’s second half showed even against the team atop the league Hunslet could still muster numerous scoring opportunities).

A new game bringing fresh opportunities and some new faces stepping forward, the Hawks stumbled slightly as the kick off was dropped.

The visiting Doncaster side picking up the ball just 20 meters from the try line.

The Dons good fortune swiftly turned as Andy Kain intercepted a pass on the wing taking the ball almost the length of the pitch to open the scoring within 2 minutes of kick off, Danny Ansell taking up kicking duties for the game duly dispatched the extras , the Hawks then with a 6-0 lead before a set had been completed.

The Hawks now with momentum looked to capitalise upon it, the shocked Dons struggling to maintain the pressure only just managing to hold the onrushing Hunslet.

Doncaster received the ball following the Hunslet set for their first attack of the game but the Hawks defence was up to the task closing down the kicker forcing the kick high and wide forcing an offside.

The Hunslet offence failed to trouble the Dons with both teams now firmly into the game battling to gain attacking possession, the Dons struggling to break halfway – Whilst Hunslet’s luck was again on the rocks as they struggled to take the ball over for a second try.

As the game progressed Doncaster’s team slowly got into the game, clever offloads and flat passes beginning to break the Hunslet line, 12 minutes in they found a gap, Stewart Sanderson scoring the visitors first try of the game.

The home crowd were none too pleased with the try, many believing the passes to be forward, Sanderson missed the extras, the ball rattling the post and falling wide.

Hunslet’s shock almost turned again to disappointment as the Dons found themselves just 5 meters from the line, the home side allowing too much time for the visitors to play their game, luck seemed on Hunslet’s side as the ball was dropped, and again Hunslet looked to be away on a counter attack but the referee (again to the disapproval of the fans) called the breakaway back.

The Dons with a fresh set of 6 now just meters out looked to pound the ball over, great defence from the Hawks stopping what should have been a sure try – debutant Josh Walters emerging from the pile to alleviate the pressure on the Hawks.

The Hawks attack took them back into their own half but following the kick Doncaster were back attacking into Hunslet’s half, the speed of the visitors becoming a real issue for the Hawks again now defending their goal line.

The Hawks looking to get back into the attacking swing of things again picked the ball from a goal line drop to start their attack, the Hawks completed their set deep into Doncaster territory, a high kick and great chase pinning the away side firmly in their own half.

Doncaster’s attack was now matched by Hunslet who had slowed the visitors previously high tempo game, the teams exchanging possession before Doncaster spilled the ball and Hunslet collected it just over half way, the home side again profited as they were awarded a scrum just 30 meters out, the Hawks now looking the more likely to score a grubber kick directed through the line – Hunslet looked nailed on to score a second.

The grubber though instead found the leg of a Doncaster defender the blocked kick gathered in by Naughton who sprinted the full length of the pitch only Andy Kain anywhere close to catching him as he sped down the field scoring under the sticks, the conversion this time easy for Sanderson who split the posts to take the score to 6-10 with 25 minutes played.

The Hawks again shocked by a try from the Dons now had to fight back into the game despite the visitors rarely breaking into the Hunslet final 20 – they had managed to score twice.

Both teams battled as the half rolled on, forcing turnovers and errors neither looking like scoring before the half, Hunslet with more possession but Doncaster’s speed their greatest asset, with only minutes left in the half the Hawks possession finally began to pay off.

Hunslet were awarded a penalty and using the advantage started from half way, the Hawks used the advantage with Callum Casey breaking tackles and drawing the side within sight of the line, a fantastic cross field kick from Danny Ansell found its way into the hands of Jimmy Watson who touched the ball down to tie the game, Ansell’s conversion then giving the home side a 2 point gap giving the Hawks the lead with only the kick off before the half time hooter sounded.

Although in the lead the luck hadn’t always been in the favour of the Hawks in the first half, the clinical finish still an issue for the Hawks.

The second half began with a kick from Danny Ansell, Hunslet gathering the bounce to start the half in possession, Doncaster swiftly countered though intercepting the ball and taking it beyond the half an ankle tap preventing what surely would have been a try, the Hawks were penalised following the tackle and were now within 20 meters, the Hawks shocked by the interception and quick counter stumbling to get control.

Another penalty following the restart this time for interference gave Doncaster the chance to level the game as they elected to take the 2 points, Sanderson levelling the game with just 3 minutes played in the 2nd half.

Doncaster looked the livelier to start the second half after levelling the score, more of their flat passing breaking the Hunslet line, the fans annoyance returning at the fine margins of the passes.

Both teams struggled to complete sets with errors a common feature of the game until the 54th minute, a Hunslet penalty for a high shot taking them deep into the Doncaster half, Andy Kain making a break, ducking under 2 defenders to score his second of the game, Danny Ansell converting to take the score to 18-12.

The Hawks were through again just 3 minutes later, the ball appearing to bounce off Jimmy Keinhorsts face, Keinhorst chasing it down gathering the ball and scoring, the try didn’t stand though, and the crowds cheers turned to boos as the referee signalled for a knock on.

Doncaster got the scrum following the knock on a high bomb following the set well handled by Liam Duckworth the Hawks starting on the 20, a high shot gifting a penalty to Hunslet now just 30 meters from the line, a fresh set of 6 and a sure try to come.

The referee again chalking off the Hunslet try, this time a forward pass, the crowd again showing their frustration with the referee – Doncaster now struggling to stay in the game, Hunslet’s 2 disallowed tries in the space of 10 minutes spurring the home side on.

A penalty on the 65th minute gifted Hunslet a chance to go 8 points ahead Ansell completing another conversion, the Hawks now a strong lead going into the final 15 minutes of the game.

The Hawks continued on the front foot, the attack pushing for another try, and on the 71st minute Andy Kain again ducked tackles from the onrushing Doncaster defence and scored a fantastic try to complete his hat-trick, Danny Ansell again kicking the extra’s the score now 26-12.

Doncaster’s frustration spilled over 77 minutes in as a scuffle broke out off the ball – Spiers and Flannagan exchanging insults and blows before receiving yellow cards.

The Hawks sealed the win on the 78th minute as Brad Brennan powered through taking numerous Doncaster defenders with him, Ansell kicking the conversion as the final hooter sounded.

The full time score 32-12.


Watson, Duckworth, Keinhorst, Maun, Finigan, Kain, Ansell, Yates, Lee, Mulhern, Casey, Walters, Mackay. Interchange- Flanagan, Brennan, Briscoe, Lyons

Try’s- Watson, Brennan, Kain(3) Goals- Ansell (6/6)


Naughton, Scott, Cowling, Waterman, Sanderson, Cooke, Wilkinson, Carbutt, Kesik, Waller, Turgut, Snich, Emmett. Interchange- Howart, Robinson, Spiers, Tyson-Wilson

Try’s- Sanderson, Naughton Goals- Sanderson (2/3)

Attendance: 498

Hunslet RLFC Line up
1. Jimmy Watson
2. James Duckworth
3. Jimmy Keinhorst
Sponsored by: In memory of John Hodgson
4. Danny Maun
Sponsored by: Norty Forty
5. Vinny Finigan
Sponsored by: Re:Work
6. Andy Kain
Sponsored by: Fred & Jane Hopkins
7. Danny Ansell
8. Andrew Yates
Sponsored by: Village Urban Resorts South Leeds
9. Jack Lee
10. Rob Mulhern
Sponsored by: J Kellett Foods Ltd
11. Callum Casey
Sponsored by: James and Lucy Hoyland
12. Josh Walters
Sponsored by: Josh Hampshire
13. Liam Mackay
14. George Flanagan
15. Brad Brennan
Sponsored by: Liversidge Plant Hire
16. Luke Briscoe
Sponsored by: Pudsey Pre-Cast Ltd
17. Aaron Lyons
Sponsored by: Linda Hemingway
00:02 Andy Kain Try
00:03 Danny Ansell Goal
00:39 Jimmy Watson Try
00:40 Danny Ansell Goal
00:56 Andy Kain Try
00:57 Danny Ansell Goal
01:04 Danny Ansell Goal
01:10 Andy Kain Try
01:11 Danny Ansell Goal
01:19 Brad Brennan Try
01:20 Danny Ansell Goal

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