Hi everyone,

I’m aware there has been some concern over our players taking the knee during this short period prior to kick off. I’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that it’s important to respect the players’ decision to support the RFL’s “Tackle It” campaign in this manner. I’d ask everyone to please remain silent for that short period of time so that we can show that collectively, as a Hunslet family, we are all completely opposed to any form of racism or discrimination in RL. I also want to make it clear that any individuals making racist or discriminatory comments or actions will be removed from the ground.

So We Shall Again


I’d like to thank Kenny for his support. I would add that the squad had an open discussion on how we would want to support the “Tackle It” campaign and we all agreed that taking the knee as a group would be the best way to show our solidarity against any form of racism or discrimination in Rugby League. On behalf of all of the players I would ask that you respect that decision. For clarity, the action is not meant to be political but simply our way of showing our united opposition to any form of racism or discrimination both in the sport and in wider society. Everyone should be treated with equal respect.