Hi Everyone,

As you’ll no doubt be aware, IMG shared their proposals for the introduction of a Grading system at a meeting with all Clubs on 9th March. You can find those proposals here:


Since that date, the RFL have undergone a month long consultation exercise with Clubs which has already seen some small adjustments made to the original proposals. I have been leading for the Club on this issue and so far I’ve:

  • Attended the meeting on 09 March.
  • Provided full written feedback to the board.
  • Following discussions with the board, submitted a comprehensive list of questions and concerns to the RFL on 16 March.
  • Held a meeting with Tony Sutton CEO RFL, along with our FD Phil Hodgson, to discuss those questions and concerns on 24 March.
  • Participated in a Club consultation exercise with RFL and RFL Commercial on 29 March.
  • In addition, I’m expecting further information from the RFL this week which promises to provide more clarity on how the scoring system works, and I’ll also be attending a further all Clubs Video call with the RFL on 12 April.

The formal vote on whether to accept the criteria will then take place at John Smith’s Stadium, Huddersfield on Wednesday 19 April.

As a supporter owned Club, It’s important that we give you the opportunity to influence how the club votes. To that end, I will give a presentation on the proposals, and the Boards recommendation, on:

Tuesday 18 April, 7.30pm, Phoenix Bar

Please accept my apologies for the short notice of this meeting, but, as I’m sure you will understand, due to the tight time scale of the consultation exercise, it has not been possible to provide you with the full picture before now.


CEO Hunslet RLFC