We are committed to creating a strong, supportive community at Hunslet. Our goal is to foster an environment where both players and fans feel valued and respected, win or lose.” — Dom Einhorn

Hunslet RLFC are thrilled to announce the formation of the Hunslet Wolves, a new rugby union franchise at the South Leeds Stadium. This exciting development comes with the leadership of French-American tech entrepreneur, Dom Einhorn, and David Ellis, former head coach defence for the French national team and countless other teams. The pair previously co-managed the Sarlat Rugby Team in France, achieving an extraordinary record of 22 wins in 22 games at the French Federale 2 level, a record for the club which was founded in 1903.

The dynamic duo of Einhorn and Ellis brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record to Hunslet. Their tenure with the Sarlat Rugby Team was marked by a strong track record on the pitch and an unwavering commitment to excellence, leading the team through a flawless season. This success story sets the stage for their new venture with the Hunslet Wolves, where they aim to build a competitive and resilient rugby union team from the ground up.

In the modern sports landscape, building a global brand is crucial for any team aiming for long-term success. A strong brand resonates with fans, sponsors, and consumers, creating a solid foundation for growth. For the Hunslet Wolves, brand equals community. Connecting with all stakeholders at the deepest and most meaningful levels translates into successful sponsor procurement, effective merchandising efforts, increased ticket sales, and more.
Showcasing the new Hunslet Wolves logo and adhering to branding guidelines will be pivotal in establishing a recognizable and respected presence both locally and internationally. By fostering a sense of belonging and pride among supporters, the Hunslet Wolves aim to create a brand that stands the test of time and thrives in the global rugby arena.

In this video, Dom Einhorn explains the importance of building a sports brand that resonates with fans and sponsors.

The Hunslet Wolves branding guidelines can be downloaded via this link.

The wolf, the team’s spirit animal, symbolizes an intriguing mix of power, loyalty, guardianship, teamwork, and wildness. Many cultures traditionally value the wolf as a powerful guiding force, revered for its intuition and almost supernatural instinct to detect danger. This metaphor is particularly apt in the game of Rugby XV, where the concept of wolves hunting in packs to achieve their goal mirrors the teamwork and strategic collaboration needed on the rugby field. The Hunslet Wolves will embody these qualities, ensuring that every player and supporter understands the importance of unity, resilience, and collective strength in pursuing victory.

The formation of the Hunslet Wolves is not just about creating a new team; it is about building a vibrant community centered around sportsmanship and mutual respect. Dom Einhorn emphasized the importance of community in sports: “We are committed to creating a strong, supportive community at Hunslet. Our goal is to foster an environment where both players and fans feel valued and respected, win or lose.”

David Ellis echoed this sentiment, adding, “Our vision for the Hunslet Wolves is to build a brand that resonates both locally and internationally. A true brand is only as strong as its global community of fans and supporters, and we are dedicated to growing this community with the same passion and dedication we bring to the game.”

Hunslet RLFC CEO, Neil Hampshire, added: “These are exciting times at Hunslet, and having the Wolves alongside us at South Leeds Stadium can only benefit both Clubs. This is a real opportunity to lay the foundations for a Dual Code Rugby hub in South Leeds providing local youngsters with clear pathways in both League and Union. There’s no doubt that the Wolves are already creating a real buzz in the area and I think that also challenges us to look at how we can work with them to help exploit and maximise that excitement to our mutual benefit. I look forward to working closely with them in the years to come”

Hunslet RLFC Chairman, and Hall of Fame ex-player, Kenny Sykes said “This is really great news for the area and on behalf of everyone at Hunslet RLFC I’d like to wish the Wolves every success in their new venture and warmly welcome them into the Hunslet Family.”

The Hunslet Wolves are set to embark on a journey of strategic growth with the aim of moving up the ranks quickly without compromising integrity or burning bridges. The management team is focused on assembling a squad that embodies the spirit of competition and the resilience needed to succeed at higher levels of play.

“We intend to build a highly competitive team that can achieve success in the short tem,” said Einhorn. “However, our approach will always prioritize sportsmanship and long-term sustainability. We believe in building bridges, not burning them.”

Hunslet RLFC has long been a cornerstone of the South Leeds community, and the addition of the Hunslet Wolves will only strengthen this bond. The franchise aims to engage fans through various initiatives and community programs, ensuring that the support extends beyond the stadium.

The Hunslet Wolves will leverage the existing fan base of Hunslet RLFC while attracting new supporters from diverse backgrounds. This inclusive approach is designed to build a robust community united by a shared passion for rugby and a commitment to excellence.

The establishment of the Hunslet Wolves marks an exciting new chapter for rugby in South Leeds. Under the guidance of Dom Einhorn and David Ellis, and the stewardship of Hunslet RLFC CEO Neil Hampshire, the team is quickly positioning itself for performance both on and off the field. With a focus on community, sportsmanship, and strategic growth, the Hunslet Wolves are aiming to write a new chapter in Yorkshire rugby history.
For more information about the Hunslet Wolves and to stay updated on their progress, visit Hunslet RLFC​ (Hunslet RLFC)​.

The New Hunslet Rugby green and white logo
The New Hunslet Rugby green and white logo


The New Hunslet Rugby silver and black logo
The New Hunslet Rugby silver and black logo


Hunslet Wolves - Yorkshire Merit League
Hunslet Wolves – Yorkshire Merit League

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