CEO Neil Hampshire “Happy Birthday to my daughter, Beth, who turns 30 years young today. She’s been a season ticket holder since she was 4 years old which has brought, in her own words, “26 years of hurt and pain!”

“Despite that despondency, she is proud to have been at both the 1999 Grand Final (Doesn’t remember it, she was 6 and had more fun getting her face painted) and the 2014 Grand Final (Remembers it, despite the fact she drank her body weight in vodka on the day).

“Her all time favourite player remains the legend that is Steve Pryce. Her all time away highlights are Toulouse and Toronto, though she does comment on how she knows Birmingham, Carlisle and Swansea just as well as Leeds these days due to her Hunslet away stay-cations.

“She’s impressed that Jimmy arranged his testimonial on her birthday too. Enjoy your day Beth”