Dear HIST member,

As indicated at our AGM on the 22 January 2021, and subsequent press briefing, HIST will be holding its annual elections for Directors over the next few weeks.  The Board have asked me to oversee these elections and I am writing to you to advise you of the available roles and the process that we will be following to fill them. In support of this note I am attaching the current Board Structure at Appendix A

Eligibility for being a Director

To become a Director of HIST you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be nominated as a Director (Members can either self – nominate or nominate other members subject to their prior agreement to stand)
  • Be eligible to be a Director under UK law; and
  • Be a current HIST member as at 1 February 2021 and throughout your period of appointment.

A brief outline of the responsibilities of becoming a Director of a limited Company is attached for information at Appendix B. However, I would encourage anyone considering becoming a Director of this club to independently research and understand what their responsibilities would be in advance of submitting their nomination.


Nominations will be invited in writing via the Club offices or via email to the Club email address to arrive no later than the last Friday in March.

Elected Director Posts

For 2021 The following Director roles will be subject to election.  You will note that some roles are for a period of one year and some for two; this is to provide a balance between continuity at Board level whilst ensuring members have annual input into it. All Directorships will start on 1 May 2020 and run until either the 30 April 2021 or 30 April 2022 dependant on period of tenure. Due to the recent restructure the Director roles subject to election in 2020 are as follows:

  • Chairman – This will be the key figurehead role for the Club and the post holder will be expected to actively promote the Club’s best interests and represent it on formal occasions. Duties include Agreeing and setting Board agendas; Chairing Board Meetings; overseeing the overall Governance of the Club; ensuring the Board act in the best interests of the Club at all times; working with the coach to manage the playing budget and player / coaching contracts. This role will be elected for two years.
  • Finance Director – This role will have oversight of the financial accounts of HIST and the club; be responsible for all formal submissions to statutory bodies including HMRC and the RFL; detailed monthly financial reports; Financial modelling; playing budget modelling; Pension management; Salary payments; Sponsorship contract management; Financial elements of RFL ROI return; RFL Salary Cap return; Invoice / Receipt controls. This role will be elected for two years.
  • Strategy and Planning Director – This role supports the Board with long-term planning. The Director will be expected to attend all RFL meetings on behalf of the Club to ensure its interests are represented and the Club remains compliant with the RFL strategies and policies; Oversee completion and return of the RFL annual Return on Investment (ROI) Return; Develop and monitor the Clubs Strategic Business Plan; Manage the Lease with LCC; Pursue opportunities for beneficial strategic partnerships with potential interested parties as directed by the Board. This role will be elected for one year.

Marketing and Communications – Marketing – This role drives the Clubs Marketing and Commercial strategy. Holding the portfolio for current sponsors and driving new investment and sponsorship on behalf of the Board with an annual target to increase this valuable income stream working with and leading our marketing student intake. The postholder will also ensure the Club maintains a high profile across a range of media platforms working closely with the Comms Director to engage new customers.

Comms – This role will be the key link with our web partners Go-Media and ensure the Club utilises a wide range of communication platforms and social media to engage and inform key stakeholders providing easy access and wide ranging content to engage and increase our audience reach. The postholder will support the Board through preparing announcements, briefs and acting as compere for Club events. This role will be elected for two years.

Should more than one person be nominated for any of these roles, then there will be a vote of all members as at 31 March 2021.  In this circumstance nominees will be asked to provide a formal Hustings statement, no more than two sides of A4, outlining their suitability for the role which will then be made available to all members. Additionally, we will also look to arrange a meeting or online call to allow candidates to be questioned by members in advance of casting their vote, this is subject to the ongoing coronavirus situation. Voting forms would be made available after nominations close during April.  The results will be announced by the end of April.   Applicants are advised that Board Meetings are currently scheduled for the second Monday in each month 10.00am – 1.00pm and the first meeting of the new Board will be on 10th May 2020.

Current Appointed Associate (Non-Executive) Directors

Under the club’s constitution, the elected members of the Board can appoint other Directors to support them in delivery of their objectives.  Duties and periods of tenure are entirely at the Boards discretion. The following roles are currently appointed by the board of elected Directors:

  • Kim Groves – Leeds City Councillor – Middleton Park Ward
  • Damian Irvine – CEO – Ebbsfleet United
  • Kacy Mackreth – Senior Lecturer in Sports Marketing – Leeds Beckett University
  • Steve Roberts – Go Media

All Director Appointments are voluntary and unpaid.

Other Board Members

The Club has also decided that the following posts will sit on the Board but hold no voting rights:

  • General Manager – Peter Todd. This role has overarching responsibility for liaison with the RFL, communications, day to day running of the Club, Club shop and merchandise, maintenance of customer database. Board membership will ensure the whole Board remain fully informed of all current issues and can prepare mitigations accordingly.
  • Rugby Manager Gary Thornton. This role will be undertaken by the Head Coach. Board membership will allow regular update and challenge around team performance at Board level and provide greater transparency of the Clubs financial position in terms of playing budget. The post will also have overarching responsibility for player discipline, player welfare, team training & Strategy, Travel, playing and training kit. The Rugby Manager will not partake in any discussion or consideration of the Head Coach position.
  • Head of Communications – Gareth Evans. This role is the link between the Marketing and Comms Director and the Press Officer. This individual will be responsible for ensuring up to date and regular comms is delivered across a wide range of media platforms. This will require regular dialogue with all Board members to ensure key stakeholders are kept engaged with new and informative content.

Finally, should you have any questions or simply want to get involved in supporting the Club in a volunteer capacity then again please contact me via the Club or Facebook advising which particular area you may be wishing to volunteer for.

Yours sincerely

Phil Clapham