Hunslet, who have so often set the agenda in Rugby League (the first team, in 1908, to pull off the All Four Cups clean sweep; the first professional club to field a black player by selecting, in 1912, Lucius Banks; and the first side, back in the 1930s, to pad goal-posts being just three examples among many) will again break new ground early next week.

The Parksiders’ eagerly-awaited `Rugby League Tackles’ podcast series – which will highlight issues affecting the sport as a whole – is to be launched on Monday afternoon (8 March 2021) with three items that are certain to attract the attention of anyone interested in the sport.

The series gets underway with an interview with business and sport finance expert Dr Rob Wilson, who will reflect on the issue of finance in Rugby League – and on what the longer term solutions and opportunities are. He will, in addition, offer a valuable professional insight into how clubs can grow from a commercial perspective.

Episode two is a chat with Rugby League legend Stevie Ward about his recent enforced retirement from the game through concussion, and about Mantality (Ward’s start-up business tackling mental health and wellbeing). Stevie will also reveal who he rates as the best players he has played with and against, and will offer his World Cup 2021 predictions.

Episode three will close with an ABC of Jamaican Rugby League, focussing on Hunslet’s own Reggae Warriors Jordan Andrade, Aaron Jones-Bishop and Jy-Mel Coleman – the trio will talk about what it will mean to represent Jamaica in their maiden World Cup, and will discuss the Reggae Warriors’ prospects in the competition.

Hunslet’s interim Marketing and Communications Director Philip Crampton said: “We created Rugby League Tackles with the ambition to tackle the biggest issues, opportunities and names in the sport which are of interest to all fans in the UK and beyond.

“All episodes will be live on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music and many more podcast platforms. Podcast listenership in the UK continues to increase, with nearly 16m listeners in 2020. It is a really convenient solution to digest bite-sized content, and is appealing to the next generation of Rugby League fans.

“With some of the biggest names lined up to take part, coupled with the ease to access content, we are confident it will become the go-to content hub for all fans.”

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