And how Hunslet celebrated their February arrivals…

Brian Culley (born 11 February 1937). A regular at the Ex-Parkside players reunion and a rock-solid Hunslet Rugby League man who came through the system with the Juniors and the Intermediates, played for the `A’ team in the 1950s, and appeared in the Lazenby Cup clash with Leeds on 9 August 1958. There’s also a strong family connection, as schools in Leeds have contested the Culley Cup for many years.

Keighley edged Hunslet 5-2 at Parkside on Saturday 13 February 1937, two days after Brian first graced the world, in the first round of the Challenge Cup. It was no fluke – Keighley went on to reach Wembley, losing 18-5 to Widnes in the final.

George Gomersall (born 11 February 1939).  Another product of Hunslet’s conveyer belt, George was a Junior (Under 18s) international against France in Toulouse in a game in which Geoff Shelton also played – France turned out an Under 21s side and won. Signed on 11 September 1958 for a fee of £250 and made his first team debut versus Batley at Parkside on 26 September 1959. Made eleven appearances before being transferred to Bradford Northern on 4 April 1963 for a fee of £500.00 (a good profit).

Hunslet, the reigning champions, swept to a 23-8 triumph over Bradford Northern on the day George emerged onto the planet.

Jack Richardson (born 14 February 1950). Attended Foxwood school where he played Rugby Union. At 15 years old – on his own accord, not knowing any one – he went to Parkside and started his Hunslet career in the Juniors. Signed as a professional in 1970, he was a member of the ‘A’ team squad that played for one season without pay. Made his first team debut on 23 October 1970 at Swinton. Played in the last game at Parkside and went on to play for New Hunslet at the Dog Track. Totalled 108 games for the first team and is now a very active member of – and doing a great job for – the Hunslet Ex-Parkside Players committee as Secretary/Treasurer. “Takes after his namesake, former Hunslet Secretary George Richardson, in that he would cut a currant in half”, says Peter Jarvis.

Amateurs Worlsey had been beaten 18-9 at Parkside, on 11 February 1950, in the second leg of the Challenge Cup’s first round, three days before Jack was born. The Parksiders had swept to a 48-7 triumph in the first leg. 

Dave Mawson (born 23 February 1954). Just like hundreds before him he learned his rugby going through the Hunslet system (school, Under 17s, Under 19s) and was on his way to a very successful professional career when disaster struck him in the way of a bad knee injury that prevented him from continuing playing. He turned his hand to coaching and became very successful with the Hunslet Colts. Nowadays he is the hard working chairman of Hunslet Warriors, and also a member of the Hunslet Ex-Parkside Players committee.

Salford had been seen off 20-5 at Parkside the day before Dave was born, in the second leg of the Challenge Cup’s first round. Hunslet had won the first leg 18-3.

Jimmy Crampton (born 26 February 1954). Another product of Hunslet schools and the Juniors and Intermediates at Parkside, he made his first team debut against Batley in a 24-14 defeat at Parkside on Sunday 15 April 1973. He played for Hunslet under three umbrellas – at Parkside, at the Greyhound Stadium and, in the last season of his career, in 1985-86, at Elland Road. In between, he played for Hull and Castleford and also represented Great Britain Under 24s four times and was team captain in two of those games. Played 88 games for Hunslet, and is on the Hunslet Ex-Parkside Players committee.

The day after Jimmy first saw the light of day, on Saturday 27 February 1954, Hunslet beat York 13-8 at Parkside in a league fixture.

Ronnie Scott (born 27 February 1942). Another very keen ex-Parksider, Ronnie was unlucky not to get signed on, because of the quality of hookers already at Parkside, but played for the `A’ team for several years. He spent three seasons with Batley in the mid-60s, playing against Hunslet at Mount Pleasant on 28 March 1966, the Parksiders winning 25-2. He also played for, and coached, the crack amateur outfit Bisons.

Hunslet had not played since 10 January (when Wakefield Trinity prevailed 27-0 at Parkside in the Wartime League) when Ronnie was born. Their first outing in his young life, however, was much more successful, with a 34-4 home win over Bramley on 21 March.

BIRTHDAY Jimmy Crampton third from left back row with New Hunslet in 1974
Jack Richardson second from right back row in a New Hunslet line-up