Hunslet fan John Todd lives in Beaver Creek in the Yukon, Canada, about 250 miles from the Arctic Circle.


The pictures show John proudly wearing his Hawks shirt whilst having a break on the Canada – USA border during a trip along the Alaska Highway to the nearest grocery store, a mere two hours drive away from home, in another country and time zone.


His drive is often accompanied by wildlife sightings, such as moose, caribou, and grizzly bears.


He is able to keep abreast of Hunslet’s news, thanks to the Hawks Newsletter, Hawks TV and Hawks social media.


Is John getting excited about the possibility of a team from Toronto entering the Kingstone Press League 1? “Not really”, he said. “It’s about 3,700 miles away and would take over 60 hours of non-stop driving to get there. It would be much quicker getting there from Leeds.”


Do you know of any Hunslet fan living in a far flung corner of the world? ย If so, let us know.