The Club are sorry to announce that Kenny Sykes has stepped down as Chairman with immediate effect. However, Kenny still remains a big part of the Club and will be around to offer help and advice to the Board.

“The recent release of GT has deeply upset me on a personal level. I have been in sport all of my life and see it as something to be enjoyed. Make no mistake, running a rugby club is not an easy task and I take my hat off to everyone in the game who is prepared to get involved. I have to say at times I am dismayed that a minority of “supporters” regularly seem to go out of their way to run the club down. Hunslet is fortunate to have a dedicated Board of volunteers and the countless hours they put into the Club is testament to their commitment. I have been proud to play my small part in this over the last 18 months and will continue to be around to offer support”.

The Board commented “Everyone on the Board is saddened to see Kenny step down. He is a humble man who does not recognise the enormous impact he has had in the last 18 months. Make no mistake, the Club was on the brink at the end of 2019. Kenny ran into the “burning building” to help put out the fire. Under his chairmanship it is now in a much healthier place”.

“We fully understand Kenny’s decision and are pleased he will remain involved. His commitment to the Club remains as strong as ever”.

For the time being a number of chairman duties will be shared collectively by the rest of the Board. Details on the process for replacing Kenny will follow in due course.