THE eagerly-anticipated (or, for some, long-dreaded) virtual concert by Steve Pryce went off with a bang on Saturday night.

Ear-plug manufacturers’ profits may now be about to take a dive but Pryce’s club, Hunslet, are already around £500 better off as fans from far and wide opted to donate to the one-time prop’s page – or, in many instances, to the rival `Stop Prycey singing’ page set up by several of his former team-mates, many of whom continue to have bad dreams about the would-be crooner’s renditions on long trips home from matches in Cumbria.

Stevo’s gig can be viewed – and donations can still made – by visiting

Gig –

Donations –

Some reviews:

      “A truly memorable performance which will be talked about for years to come!” The Muddly Maker

      “Stevo hit notes never heard before in the history of mankind!” The Not Musical Express

      “It went down a storm – or did it just go down?” Strolling Bone

      “The crowd were on their feet from the start – one or two not heading for the exit!” Time In