Hunslet RLFC v Dewsbury Rams

19/04/2015 - 3:00 pm
South Leeds Stadium


The Hawks kicked off the game to the Rams who on their last visit to South Leeds Stadium in the League fell to an 18-6 loss.

Dewsbury received the kick off and immediately set to work trying to establish dominance over the Hawks, Hunslet resisted the initial attacks from the Rams the Hawks defence well up for the challenge – the attack from the Hawks was slow to get started, failing to break the Rams half in the early periods.

The superior Dewsbury attack to start the game soon paid dividends in the 6th minute, the Rams creating space in the Hawks defence , who were still scrambling to get back following a turnover, for the Rams Matthew Haggarty latched onto Anthony Thackeray’s pass to complete what had been a great transition attack.

The Hawks attack now had to wake up, the early score from the Rams now forcing Hunslet into a reaction, and react the Hawks did – the Hawks began to break down the Dewsbury lines, forced to start sets from their own lines the Hawks were causing real trouble in the visitors half, the attack from the Hawks drawing the game to a stalemate, neither team having a complete advantage.

The Rams points difference was wiped clean in the 15th minute with Charlie Martin receiving the ball fooling the defence and breaking through to be in on goal, finding Liam Mackay to complete the move by sprinting around the back of the posts and touching down, Simon Brown’s kick tying the game at 6-6.

The Hawks following the score began to take control of the game, the Rams attacks were struggling to break half way – Simon Brown’s kicking game exceptional in pinning the Rams back.

The Rams impressive start no more, the Hawks finding more and more space across the field, an awkward tackle in midfield caused both teams to rush in, Charlie Martin saving either team from getting a penalty separating the scuffle.

The coming together at midfield seemed to rejuvenate the Rams who took a penalty and started just 20 meters out, the Rams – attempting to pile the pressure on mislaid a pass as they neared the end of the set, Luke Briscoe taking the ball and breaking free.

The Hawks next attack became a penalty 20 meters out following back to back sets, electing to go for 2 the Hawks looked to take the lead for the first time 31 minutes in, luck was not on the side of Simon Brown as he stepped up to take the kick, the gusting wind firmly on the side of Dewsbury, the ball slicing wide, the score still level.

Dewsbury took heart from their luck and quickly took the ball back and were on the attack, skipping past defenders to get deep into Hunslet territory, the final pass of the move looked forward but gave the Rams that meter of space needed to break the line, James Delaney on the end of the dubious pass from Scott Hale to regain the lead, the score with five minutes left of the half 6-12.

Both teams battled out the remaining five minutes, the Rams being awarded a penalty on the stroke of half time, Keiran Hyde with the long range kick to send the teams in at the half 6-14

The Hawks started the second half with a great 40/20 from Simon Brown continuing his run of exceptional kicking play the Hawks getting the scum 20 meters out, back to back penalties for the Hawks piled the pressure onto the Rams, but the Hawks couldn’t find the definitive pass to score.

The Rams following the period of extended pressure took the ball back into Hawks territory the kick to complete the set causing Barnett a problem who was taken into touch as he tried to take control of the bouncing ball.

The Rams attack now forcing the pressure onto the Hawks, Makali Aizue powering his way through the Hawks line looking to have scored but the giant prop was adjudged to have dropped the ball as he crossed the line, much to the relief of the home crowd.

Dewsbury soon put the mistake to bed though, a quick tap from a penalty on half way taking the visitors within 10 meters of the line a kick over the remaining defence by Hyde falling neatly into the arms of Jason Crookes, who touched the ball down to score, the conversion for Hyde from a wide angle proved too difficult in the wind and swerved wide, the score 6-18

The visitors scored again just 4 minutes later, Aizue making up for his earlier fumble this time taking 4 defenders across the line with him appose to the 3 previously, the prop crashing in under the posts the kick this time far easier for Hyde who easily took the score to 6-24 with just 20 minutes remaining.

The Rams were now looking dominant, the game theirs for the taking, the score line almost the reverse of the game 7 weeks previous, but the Hawks weren’t done yet, frustration setting in amongst both sides causing another scuffle at midfield, Charlie Martin again showing real maturity to split the sides up again, the Referee this time awarding Hunslet a penalty.

The Hawks quickly used the momentum from the penalty starting just 15 meters out, the initial attack was somewhat wasted by the Hawks fumbling on the line but luckily in their haste to escape their own half Dewsbury turned the ball over back to the Hawks, a fresh set of 6 with just 15 meters to go the Hawks made it count this time, Luke Briscoe opening a doorway back into the game driving over the line to score Hunslet’s second of the game, the wind again showed no mercy to Brown’s kick as it went wide again, the Hawks now had a fingertip back into the game the score now 10-24 to the visitors.

The Rams sensed the game wasn’t going to be easy in the last 15 minutes, their next set finding themselves with an opportunity for a drop goal and taking it, Hyde’s kick from distance adding the extra point.

The Hawks scored again in the 74th minute this time Charlie Martin working his way towards the line twisting and turning his way to dive over and get a well deserved try, the conversion from Brown taking the score to 16-25 with five minutes left.

The Rams played out the last five minutes of the game determined to hold out for the win, consolidating the result with a try from Aaron Brown in the 79th minute, the stand off collecting a perfectly weighted kick from Keiran Hyde, the score completing what had been a difficult day for the Hawks.

The hooter sounded as Hyde prepared to take the conversion his kick the last action of the game, the final score 16-31, The Rams heading through to the 6th round of the cup and earning a win at South Leeds seven weeks after loosing at the same ground.


Watson, Duckworth, Briscoe, Maun, Barnett, Brown, Kain, Mulhern, Lee, Brennan, Casey, Martin, Mackay. Subs- Flanagan, Mvududu, Haley, Lyons.

Tries: Mackay, Briscoe, Martin Goals: Brown (2)


Hyde, Morton, Crookes, Beckett, Grant, Brown, Thackeray, Jackson, Wildie, Haggarty, Spicer, Hale, Adamson. Subs- Aizue, Smith, Farrell, Delaney

Tries: Haggarty, Delaney , Crookes, Aizue, Brown. Goals: Hyde (4)

Drop-Goal: Hyde

Attendance: 536

Hunslet RLFC Line up
1. Jimmy Watson
2. James Duckworth
3. Luke Briscoe
Sponsored by: Pudsey Pre-Cast Ltd
4. Danny Maun
Sponsored by: Norty Forty
5. Richie Barnett
Sponsored by: Iris Crummack from the GMB
6. Simon Brown
Sponsored by: Garden Gate Ultras
7. Andy Kain
Sponsored by: Fred & Jane Hopkins
8. Rob Mulhern
Sponsored by: J Kellett Foods Ltd
9. Jack Lee
10. Brad Brennan
Sponsored by: Liversidge Plant Hire
11. Callum Casey
Sponsored by: James and Lucy Hoyland
12. Charlie Martin
Sponsored by: M A Clarke & Son Memorial Masons
13. Liam Mackay
14. George Flanagan
15. Mufaro Mvududu
16. Michael Haley
17. Aaron Lyons
Sponsored by: Linda Hemingway
00:18 Liam Mackay Try
00:18 Simon Brown Goal
01:03 Luke Briscoe Try
01:13 Charlie Martin Try
01:13 Simon Brown Goal

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