Hunslet RLFC v Featherstone Rovers

27/05/2012 - 3:00 pm
South Leeds Stadium


A big fixture for the Hawks this weekend as they welcomed the Rovers to town, Hunslet had a big challenge on their hands as they battled with the reigning champions.

The game got underway and the Fev side came up with the goods when Tom Henderson tried his best to get the ball away Rovers hooker Kaye timed his run to the second and managed to secure the charge down.The Hawks back row defence just missed him and he jinxed through and crossed the line for the first.

Following this the Hawks had to defend their line set after set, when they did get possesion urgency for points was apparent. Joe Mc sent up the high ball as it swirled in mid air it looked certain to be heading dead. The crowds roared though as winger Kainy dived up beating 3/4 opppnents and scoring after 20 minutes.The home side could sigh a breath of relief for now but after easing the pressure they had to keep it up.

Efforts did continue intellegent play from Menzies, Haughey and Tuffour with play’s been created and attemps to score off the back of each set it seemed unfortunate as the dominance showed in the Rovers side once more. Dickens and Bostock powered over with ease pushing them 12 points infront. The most important ten minutes before half time saw a very unorganised and slow defensive outfit from the Hawks mainly individual decisions allowing Rovers to gain even more points.Liam Finn certainly had his kicking boots with his conversion rate all succesful his latest two points saw Hunslet trailing 30 points to 4 at the break.

Featherstone kicked things off with a try from the restart put an even bigger weight on the shoulders off the Hawks, they would have to score some points soon to have any hope of getting back into it.Skipper Marchy was the first to take control, his awareness from the scrum paid off shipping it out to the support player of Kainy. He lined it up and scored under the sticks making for an easy conversion, but a disastrous 10 minutes saw the Rovers push the game even further out of reach. With a score of 10-48 the only posotive came in the final efforts one occasion held up the other try disallowed the Hawks had put up a much better display in the second half. An error in centre field saw Tommy Saxton add the final points to the board 54-10.A heavy defeat at a crucial point in the season, but hardly unexpected. The way the Featherstone side had picked there way through the Hawks defence is something that Barry may have had to address especially with some big games to come.

See you in two weeks time at Mount Pleasent for a fixture against the Batley Bulldogs.

Well done to Barry and the boys.

Mom- Stuart Kain

Hunslet RLFC Line up
1. Elliot Hodgson
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2. Stuart Kain
Sponsored by: Beth Hampshire
3. Lee Brickwood
Sponsored by: Eric Simon
4. Josh Nathaniel
5. Dennis Tuffour
Sponsored by: Kenny Sykes
6. Joe Mclocklan
Sponsored by: Yorkshire Signs
7. Tom Henderson
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8. Andrew Yates
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9. Luke Haigh
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10. Ryan Benjafield
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11. Tommy Haughey
Sponsored by: Dawn Caley
12. John Oakes
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13. David March
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14. Steve Lewis
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15. Luke Menzies
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16. Richard Blakeway
17. Anthony Henderson
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14:57 Stuart Kain Try
52:22 Stuart Kain Try
53:18 Tom Henderson Goal

Hunslet RLFC

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Featherstone Rovers

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27/05/2012 3:00 pm 2012