South Wales Scorpions v Hunslet RLFC

07/09/2014 - 3:00 pm


A trip to Mountain Ash, South Wales for the last league game of the season was the perfect setting for Eaton’s boys to produce a 50-6 defeat over the Welsh side and secure themselves a second place finish in the table.

Gavin Duffy, who would go on to steal a total of 5 tries, was first on the board pushing over in the corner it was a difficult kick for Ansell who put it just wide. Duckworth followed up with some much needed aggression throwing off opposition defence he fancied his chances reaching out over the whitewash but the try chalked off as the officials called him to be in touch. The opportunities were few and far between for the Hawks in the opening quarter with the Wales side giving as good as they got but when Watson took the ball cleanly on the restart and gave a neat pass out to Danny Maun that was the only encouragement he needed to sprint through the line and finish it off.
Watson was later denied a try because of a forward pass. Barry’s side had managed to keep the Welsh side defending for the majority of the opening quarter but when Mike Grady’s side had their share of the position they were eager to get some points on the board. Connor Farrer would have been clean away from half back if James Coyle had not have produced a scrambling tackle to stop him. When Stenchion knocked the ball awkwardly just metres from the Scorpions line Emanuelli capitalised kicking it through for himself to get a hand to touch down. At 8-6 things could go either way at the break. Stenchion was keen to make up for the earlier error and wasted no time powering over the line to push the Hawks another try infront.

Duffy kicked things off in similar fashion as he had opened in the first half, pouncing on an accurately placed Tom Coyle kick to score in the corner. Storming into the final 49 minutes Jimmy Watson was the last pair of hands on the ball as it travelled across the field the fullback darted through the defenders and buried over the line for a try moments later. When Michael Haley latched onto a pass and charged over there seemed no way back for the home side, but this did not cool the Hawks onslaught. Another setback came for the Scorpions as winger Lee Brickwood sprinted down the touchline to steal one for himself. The defence was also impressive noticeably Aaron Lyons and John Oakes who forced a drop goal on 60 minutes from a turnover relieving any pressure the side would face. Keen to finish in style Gavin Duffy ran in another 3 tries and Coyle managed to fix up the goals and finish the game up at 50-6.

A score line that did not quite reflect the efforts of the home side in the first half but an almost flawless second half gave the Hawks the victory they deserved. A difficult run faces the boys now and a home fixture against Oldham kicks it all off on Friday night hope to see you all there as we get ready for the promotion push.

Hunslet RLFC Line up
1. Jimmy Watson
2. James Duckworth
3. Lee Brickwood
Sponsored by: Eric Simon
4. Danny Maun
Sponsored by: Norty Forty
5. Gavin Duffy
6. Thomas Coyle
Sponsored by: Yorkshire Signs
7. James Coyle
Sponsored by: Yorkshire Signs
8. Michael Haley
9. Danny Ansell
10. Richard Moore
Sponsored by: The Garden Gate Public House
11. Luke Briscoe
Sponsored by: Pudsey Pre-Cast Ltd
12. John Oakes
Sponsored by: Leeds Bacon Company Ltd
13. Liam Mackay
14. Aaron Lyons
Sponsored by: Linda Hemingway
15. Ross Peltier
Sponsored by: The Garden Gate Public House
16. Luke Stenchion
Sponsored by: J Mulkeen & Co Builders Ltd
17. Lewis Reed
00:06 Gavin Duffy Try
00:19 Danny Maun Try
00:36 Luke Stenchion Try
00:36 Thomas Coyle Goal
00:48 Gavin Duffy Try
00:58 Jimmy Watson Try
00:58 Thomas Coyle Goal
01:02 Michael Haley Try
01:10 Lee Brickwood Try
01:10 Thomas Coyle Goal
01:16 Gavin Duffy Try
01:20 Gavin Duffy Try
01:20 Thomas Coyle Goal
01:20 Gavin Duffy Try
01:20 Thomas Coyle Goal

South Wales Ironmen

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Hunslet RLFC

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