Workington Town v Hunslet RLFC

19/05/2013 - 3:00 pm
Derwent Park


Workington managed to do the double over the Hawks for the second match in 2 weeks meant the sides faced each other in the league then again in the Northern Rail. The Hunslet outfit travelled across with confidence but an early advantage saw them go away with nothing.

A knock on from the kick off by Steve Lewis was the first sign of things not quite going to plan as Kris Coward crossed on the back of the error and Town had stormed into things. Penalties and mistakes when in possession meant much of the first quarter saw the Hawks defending and as the visitors tired it was only too easy for Callum Phillips to give a pass out to Kris Coward noticing the lack of defenders to the left of the posts he touched down for his second. After a lack lustre 15 minutes the Hawks picked up the tempo and controlled the ball better, the half backs worked well and the return of Grimshaw was welcomed. It was Danny Ansell who got things started for the boys, a perfectly timed grubber for Brickwood to sprint onto, the youngster got his hand to it and the Hawks got themselves back into it. Town knew they would have to pressure the backline but Tom Bush and Stuart Kain handled the high ball with ease. Carl Forber put a low chip over the top early in the tackle count catching the defence completely off guard Callum Phillips regathered it and put it over the whitewash to push Workington further in front before the break. On the restart almost an identical try no reaction to the short kick off and it was a walk over for Forber to score his own for the home side. A 24-4 lead at the break would have almost been at write off for the Hawks but Barry’s side found a burst of energy from somewhere and turned it around. This time Ansell with the neat cross field kick, Mapals fought for the ball and then wrestled over in the corner on the half time hooter; Ansell converting 10-24.

First points of the half went to David March; the Hawks had worked hard on attacking the line and had been patient. With only 8 minutes on the clock there was no ruling the Hunslet side out at this point. Threatening a fight back the Hawks defence had also regained some composure slowing the charge of Town was key. The fans cheered as it looked like Ansell was clear across the line; the officials pulled it back for an offside decision and ruled out the try that could have been the game changer. It had knocked the visitors and as Tom Bush left the field with a knock to the head closely followed by Grimshaw with an ankle injury the side were left unsettled. Only spurring on the Workington outfit Elliot Miller broke through the middle and despite a convincing chase from Chisholm scored from a full length sprint. The clock ticked down and as Hunslet were determined to cross again before the end, with ex super league superstar Mark Calderwood throwing in 3 massive tackles deep in the Hawks half and the home side had managed to stop them in their tracks and as the ball came loose Andy Morris scored a debatable try as the ball was pounced on by a number of players. The try was given and the game finished at 36-16.

After a rocky start followed by a good spell it had not been enough this afternoon Workington progress onto the next round the Hawks unfortunately finish here, but onwards and upwards to focus on making progress in the league.

A big home fixture for the side this week with Batley in front of the cameras. The Hawks had rattled the Bulldogs last time and look to do more of the same in this fixture but hopefully come away with the much needed points.

Hunslet RLFC Line up
1. Tom Bush
Sponsored by: Heineken
2. Stuart Kain
Sponsored by: Beth Hampshire
3. David Clayton
Sponsored by: Barry & Norma Harding
4. Lee Brickwood
Sponsored by: Eric Simon
5. Jamel Chisholm
Sponsored by: A1 All Cars Ltd
6. Danny Grimshaw
7. Danny Ansell
8. Steve Lewis
Sponsored by: Leeds Bacon Company Ltd
9. Liam Hood
Sponsored by: Colin & Kath Smith
10. Michael Haley
11. Scott Watson
Sponsored by: Brian Jackson
Painter & Decorator 0780248204
12. John Oakes
Sponsored by: Leeds Bacon Company Ltd
13. David March
Sponsored by: A & R Construction
14. Lee Mapals
Sponsored by: Leeds Bacon Company Ltd
15. Luke Haigh
Sponsored by: Elliott & Ewan Green
16. Andrew Yates
Sponsored by: Village Urban Resorts South Leeds
17. Luke Menzies
Sponsored by: Fred & Jane Hopkins
00:27 Lee Brickwood Try
00:39 Lee Mapals Try
00:40 Danny Ansell Goal
00:46 David March Try
00:47 Danny Ansell Goal

Workington Town

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Hunslet RLFC

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