The Rugby League Record Keeper’s Club (RKC) was relaunched 2 years ago to update and digitise the work done around 40 years ago by Irving Saxton and his team who documented and published every Rugby League game played by UK teams since 1895.

The RKC have been researching all internationals games played by the teams competing at this year’s World Cup competition. Work is now complete on the men’s game with full details for all recognised International fixtures played by the competing nations available on the RKC website (

Work is ongoing to detail previous Women’s and Wheelchair internationals and these will be available before the competition commences.

Hunslet have a proud record of providing players for Northern Union / Great Britain and the Home Nations and all our players are in the RKC database, together with many overseas players who have played in the Myrtle White & Flame and also for their Home Nations.

We are currently putting a series of articles on South Of The River detailing which of our players have played in representative games and the RKC website will provide the statistics for these  players.

County matches other internationals will be added once work on the World Cup teams has been completed.

The website already has details of all Hunslet’s Summer Era matches and we are finalising details of our records from 1895 to 1996 for uploading to the RKC website next year.

The RKC website is available to all at You can also join the RKC for £5 a year to access additional  content (details on the website).