The third instalment of the series listing Hunslet players’ heritage numbers continues with men who made their debuts for the club between 1886 and 1891.

Five of the players listed this month (Jack Rathmell, Edward Kaye, Bill Townsend, Albert Goldthorpe and Walter Goldthorpe), enjoyed careers which straddled the Rugby Union and – following the celebrated `breakaway’ of August 1895 – the Northern Union eras.

Guardian of the List Martin Stewart has identified those men’s records in the Northern Union as:

Name Played Tries Goals Points
Jack Rathmell 18 1 3
Edward Kaye 96 6 18
Bill Townsend 7 2 6
Albert Goldthorpe 466 46 692 1552
Walter Goldthorpe 409 67 116 443

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South of the River is indebted to Hunslet’s historians Steve Calline and Pat Benatmane, together with Martin Stewart and Martin Flynn, for their unstinting efforts in compiling and ratifying information.

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