Less than two weeks ago Hunslet RLFC reluctantly agreed to conditionally release a player we all think highly of, Zach Braham. The conditions of the release and reasons for the request for the release by Zach should remain between the club and the player. However, Hunslet will always place players health and well-being first when being asked for compassion and did so in this instance.

We are extremely disappointed on behalf of our supporters and the owners of our Club, to see Zach has been registered by the RFL and has been named in the 21 player squad for our rivals Doncaster in this weekends fixture.

Suffice to say this breaches the agreement we had with Zach and contradicts his reasons for requesting and requiring a release from Hunslet.

The RFL have agreed that the conditional release was unambiguous and that it is enforceable. However, under their own rules are powerless to decline a released players registration request by a new club.

As the only course of action available to the club to enforce the release conditions would be to seek injunctive relief through legal channels, we have chosen to take an alternative course of action and focus instead on Alan and the squad investing our time, energy and limited resources into positively affecting the fortunes of the Myrtle and Flame for rest of the season.

We are looking at ways to better protect the club in future from similar circumstances whilst wishing to maintain as a priority our belief in good faith and taking players undertakings on face value.