The Hawks were beaten 30-22 by visitors Doncaster in Kingstone Press League One two days ago, after trailing 18-4 at half-time.

Bramald described the result as “very disappointing” and said: “In the first half we left ourselves too much to do.

“We completed our sets, but we didn’t offer enough threat in good ball.

“We got out of our own end and made loads of metres, but we looked toothless in the first half in good ball.

“It looked like the players had never played together.

“That frustrates the players a bit and some of the defensive errors came from that frustration.

“When we started to play we blew Doncaster off the park, but a couple of contentious decisions stopped our momentum.

“I was pleased with our intent in the second half and the way we came back showed character, but there were two sides to us.

“We have got to start knocking these teams off.”

Hawks picked up two fitness concerns during Sunday’s game.

Bramald said: “Matty Carbutt has a nasty head injury.

“He went to hospital and has had it stitched and a tetanus jab because they thought there might be a bit of a tooth in there.

“Michael Haley has a groin strain, but apart from that we are all right.”

Article courtesy of the Yorkshire Evening Post