Jimmy Watson is still buzzing several days after having returned to Rugby League action, a freak finger injury at work having left him sidelined for a couple of months.

The veteran fullback, who is in his benefit season, had to sit out several games before finally making his 200th appearance for the Parksiders in last Sunday’s Betfred League 1 fixture with Cornwall.

A special occasion – which, in addition, happened to be Fathers’ Day – was made all the more memorable for Jimmy when the players formed a guard of honour as he emerged from the dressing rooms. And the popular Watson crowned a fine afternoon by grabbing Hunslet’s last try in a 36-6 win.

Looking back four days later, he says: “It was great to be back out there with the boys, being really part of it, and I’m feeling good.

“It was nice to get a full week of training in before the match, and it’s good to follow up with a full week’s training afterwards. I was a bit nervous beforehand, not only because I was coming back from injury after what’s felt like an age but also because it was a milestone game for me, and for a club that means so much to me.

“The day will always stay in my memory, especially as I managed to score a try! Ultimately, though, I just wanted to do my job and achieve what our head coach Alan `Killer’ Kilshaw asked me to do, and I think I did that.”

Jimmy Watson is a fullback who comes into the line a great deal, with the aim of quickly feeding the outside backs. It’s a manoeuvre that can obviously impact on an injured finger, as can taking a high ball or tackling.

He says: “I wasn’t sure, before the game, how I’d feel about being back in action. I’ve had finger injuries before – dislocations and breaks – but this was different. I put it to the back of my mind, though, and it stayed there. I just got on with the game, which was the advice my missus, Charlene, had been giving me all along. I just put my body on the line as usual. It can of course be tricky with the high ball if it comes down on your fingers, but that shouldn’t happen anyway, while we’ve got great wingers at Hunslet who are there in support and always ready to link up.

“I’m delighted to be back to full fitness now and, having got that first game back behind me, I’m focused on helping this great club make some special memories this season, with promotion from Betfred League 1 very much our target.”