Although the recent IMG ballot on re-imagining the game did not go the way we voted, our stance certainly struck a chord with one sports lover in Scotland.  The day after the vote a membership was taken out by Bob McPherson who lives in Dundee.  Intrigued by the interest from someone so far afield Finance Director Phil Hodgson contacted Bob to thank him for his subscription and establish the Hunslet connection.  

“Why Hunslet? I almost always favour the underdog and it was Hunslet’s decision to vote against some aspects of the IMG proposals for an overhaul of rugby league which grabbed my attention”.  Bob explained “The second tier of Irish football, the Championship, has just been won by Loughgall, a team from a village of 250 people. Next season they will be facing Linfield, Glentoran and all the rest. They have earned their promotion solely by their on field efforts – not because they come from a community of a certain size.  I am not one for adopting a resistance to change attitude just as a matter of course. Quite the opposite. I’m all for bright ideas which aim to improve RL (or any other sport) but I think there has to be a balance”. 

Phil commented “It was nice to receive the message of support, especially when the formal vote didn’t go our way.  As a Club we stuck to what we believed was in the best interest of the game whilst accepting that other did what they felt was right.  We now await further details on the grading criteria and will ensure we are in a strong position to move forward.  We are pleased to welcome Bob to the Hunslet family.  He is certainly jumping in with both feet and has also joined the Weekly Draw as well gifting 2 season tickets to supporters who may be struggling financially to attend games.  He is also proudly promoting the famous myrtle, white and flame north of the border”.

Welcome Bob – And so we shall again.