Last Ever Hawks Shirt Auction

The home playing shirts for the 2016 squad are available to bid for in the end of season auction.  Get yourself a piece of history; the last myrtle, flame and white shirt from the “Hawks era” could be yours for as little as £15.

As usual bids can be made by email ( or by text (07827 325926) stating your name, the name of the player’s shirt, and the amount of your bid in £.

Why not get a shirt and have your own name put on the back?  There are three “spare” shirts numbered 36, 37 & 39 available to bid for.

The bidding begins at £15 with all higher bids in multiples of £5 (so £15, £20, £35, £50, £150, etc).

The complete list of shirts along with the current leading bid is shown on the website under Fanzone, Shirt Auction 2016 or click here

You will be informed if your bid is overtaken so that you are no longer the leading bidder – so you can go higher!

Bidding ends at midnight on Sunday 16th October.