Inspired by the heroics of the “3 Peakers” and the sponsored walk to Oldham Community Director Phil Hodgson is taking on the challenge of the Yorkshire Marathon on the 12th October to raise funds for the Hunslet Rugby Foundation and SITRaN.


“I was starting to get a little embarrassed at the number of excuses I came up with to get out of the various sponsored events, something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by the Chairman.


Although a keen runner I’ve never done a marathon before and the old bones are starting to creek with all the training. Fortunately for me the club’s  physio team, Ryan, Katie and Georgia, have done a great job in keeping me running with physio sessions and training tips.


With less than 2 weeks to go the hard miles are behind me.  My biggest challenge now is not getting carried away when we win next Sunday” !!!


If you would like to sponsor Phil please visit is total Giving page


If you are doing a sponsored event why not raise money for the Hunslet Rugby Foundation. Simply visit the “Total Giving” website and select us as your charity.