Following the success of our various schools holiday events the Hunslet Hawks Dance Academy will be holding a summer dance/activity camp during August at the home of the Hawks!


The dates of the camp are:


Thursday 7th August, 10am – 2pm


Friday 8th August, 10am – 2pm


Thursday 14th August, 10am – 2pm


Friday 15th August, 10am – 2pm


Come join in the fun, with the help of Fran Mckight our Hawks dance coach, you will learn brand new dance routines, create costumes, learn how to face paint, play on the wii, play outdoor games and meet the players!


The dance/activity camp will end in a grand finale show performance at the last game of the Hawks season to entertain the fans prior to the big game!


If you want to get involved or want more information contact Fran: 07889341405