Eligibility & Nominations / Rules / Timetable


The below sets out the election process for the Hunslet Independent Supporters

Trust Board hereinafter referred to as “HIST”.

Eligibility & Nominations

The following criteria shall be applied:

  • Anyone making a nomination has to be a member of the Trust
  • Anyone standing for election has to be a member of the Trust
  • Candidates can self-nominate
  • Nominations must be via a signed letter to the Finance Director

Members will not be allowed to stand if they are:

  • Declared bankrupt
  • Subject to a disqualification order made under the Disability

Disqualification Act

  • Convicted of an indictable offence
  • Suffering from mental disorder
  • Members will be removed from office if they fail to abide by the Trust rules


  • Members will be elected to a post for a period of 2 years, after which they may

apply for re-election.

  • Elections to the HIST Board will be held annually although positions will only

become vacant in alternate years.

  • There are 2 posts available for election on this occasion.
  • The Committee will also have the power to Co – opt up to 4 Associate Directors

without the election process subject to requirement.

  • The Board shall at all times work to the benefit of HIST, Hunslet RLFC and the

local community.

  • The Board will undertake to consult members from time to time on key issues where appropriate.
  • Members can call for a vote to remove a Board member by calling for a Special General Meeting to discuss an emergency motion outlining why the Board member is being asked to step down.

Timetable 2019

Stage 1

  • W/c  08 April – Announcement of Elections (email / Letter to members / announcement on web – site)
  • 8 April – 14 April – Nomination period
  • If nominations do not exceed number of posts Board elected unopposed – announce results & publish on web – site
  • If nominations exceed number of posts move to Stage 2 in the process

Stage 2

  • 15 April – Request formal Hustings statements  (no more than 1 side of A4)
  • 15 April – Issue Hustings to members with ballot paper
  • 16 April – 23 April – Voting period – voting is strictly one member one vote
  • 24 April – Count Ballot papers
  • Announce results at AGM (25 April)

2 year Terms to serve from 1st May 2019 – 30 April 2021

The Board reserve the right to run further elections as required should any posts be vacated during that period.

Broad overview of Board Roles and Electoral Terms.

Operations Director (2 Year Term)

  • Match day operations
  • HR matters
  • Management of volunteers

Chairman (2 Year Term)

  • Setting Strategic direction of Business
  • Management of directors
  • Line management of Office staff
  • RFL Senior Level Liaison
  • Leeds City Council Senior Level Liaison
  • Decides and allocates budgets for depts.
  • Agrees targets/objectives for depts.
  • Partnership development.

Lottery Officer

  • Driving the Lottery income
  • Liaison with lottery provider
  • Liaison with lottery collectors

Finance officer

  • HIST accounts
  • Support office staff and Finance director with ad hoc tasks on the financial running of the club

Nominations must be made in writing to;

Phil Clapham

c/o Hunslet RLFC

South Leeds Stadium

Middleton Grove


LS11 5DJ

Closing date for nominations is 5.00pm 14 April 2019

Please note that anybody not a member of HIST as at 13 April 2019 will not be allowed to vote in these elections

Phil Clapham

Finance Director