The cancellation of this year’s Christmas Luncheon was a huge disappointment for everyone at the Hunslet.  As well as being a popular fixture on the social calendar it brings much needed revenue into the Club.  A point not lost on Organiser in Chief Peter Jarvis.

“We were forced to cancel at a time the Board were agreeing next season’s playing budget with Gary Thornton.  Simple economics means if the money isn’t coming in it affects the budget”.

As a former coach of the Club Jarvo knows better than most the impact pound notes have on the quality of the team.

“As a Board we were keen to support Gary’s faith in last year’s squad. The idea to raffle the shirt sleeve sponsorship came to me after a couple of bottles of red wine”.

Jarvo, ably assisted by John Clayton, has been busy getting in touch with supporters, local business men and ex-players to support the initiative.  “It’s going well and we are not far off the target we set ourselves.  I even got GT to buy a ticket !!!”. 

Closing date for the raffle is Friday 16th October with the draw taking place on Wednesday the 21st.

You can do your bit to support the Club by clicking the attached link: