After a few months in the job I have to say I’m really excited about the direction the Club is moving and am keen to play my part.  The first thing to note is the dedication of everyone at the Club to restore Hunslet to former glories.  From meeting members of the board, volunteers and staff it became apparent very quickly the passion and commitment they all have to see Hunslet succeed. Also listening to the coaching staff and seeing the on field performances I believe we are heading in the right direction. Peter Jarvis was a big influence in me coming here. It goes without saying what this man has put into the club over the decades. Peter will still be working with me on future projects and events. 

The second thing is the fantastic bar facilities.  There can’t be many teams in Super League, let alone Champ and League 1 who can match our bar set up.  The Phoenix is rich in heritage and celebrates the best traditions of the Club, whilst the Parkside Suite and Grandstand must provide one of the best viewing experiences in rugby league.  It was great to see the Dug Out Bar  spring into life at  Jimmy’s testimonial, it felt very family friendly, and the Goldthorpe Bar will come into its own when the warmer weather arrives.  The next point is so important that everyone needs to know the good news that the Club now receives 100% of the profit on all the bars even makes the Finance Director happy. Yes, that’s ALL BARS. 

What my remit is, and it is a challenge I’m looking forward to, is to maximise the potential of these facilities.  Obviously match day revenue is important to the club but we can’t just rely on this alone. We need to look at holding events on non match days to maximise income for the club. These can include private parties for our friends, families and supporters. 

Coming up we have organised a psychic night a Rod Stewart night and also an ABBA tribute night.

Alan has put together a very useful squad and I have seen close up how professional he and his staff are.  We know IMG are holding a lot of store by off-field performance so we will all be doubling our efforts to improve every aspect of the Club. 

Following us on social media and sharing our news on our official platforms is crucial to expand our media presence. 

Finally if you want a bespoke package on a match day or any other day I will be more than happy to personally oversee your requirements. 


Mark Collin

Hospitality and Bars Director