The HIST 2014 AGM will take place tonight (Thursday 20th March) in the Phoenix Suite, 7:30pm start.


The AGM is open to 2014 HIST members, including anyone who is a current member of the “I Am Hunslet” memberships.


The evening is a great chance for you, the members to come and see an indepth overview of 2013, including the finances of the club. Its also your chance as members to ask all the questions you want answers to, so if you are a HIST member, then please attend


The agenda for the AGM is:


1. Welcome and Apologies


2. Election Results / Board of Directors


3. HIST Accounts, Treasurers Report and Finance Update


4. Updates from the Board


• Commercial & Marketing


• Community


• ‘I Am Hunslet’ – Memberships


• Lease Negotiations and Council Relations


5. Open Q & A with the Board