General Manager

As you are aware from our open meeting on the 30 Jan, Damian Irvine was to undertake a review of the GM Role. Following Damian’s appointment as CEO at Ebbsfleet FC that impacted the time he has available to undertake the role.

Following discussions at Board level Peter Todd offered to undertake the GM role unpaid for 4 days a week.

This is a fantastic and generous offer from Peter and the Board have accepted it gratefully. Peter’s knowledge of working in the back office will be a big help in bridging the gap left by Darren William’s departure. Additionally it saves salary costs which can be used to ease cash flow and finance forecasts.

In support of Peter taking on the role the Board have now undertaken a detailed review of all current GM responsibilities and there are areas where we still need support.

Volunteer roles

We are looking for volunteers in 2 specific areas:

Membership Manager

This role will involve:

  • Maintaining the Club Membership database
  • Liaising with the FD on financial forecasts
  • Ensuring members receive their correct package rewards
  • Driving up new membership
  • Annually reviewing and refreshing membership packages making proposals to the Board

This role would suit individuals interested in helping the Club move forward, sharing their ideas and who are comfortable with Excel.

We would ask anybody interested to email a completed Expression of Interest (EOI) form to Peter Todd at

Matchday Announcer

This role does what it says on the tin! We realise this role does require a regular commitment and it may be that some individuals would be prepared to help out but couldn’t commit to the whole season. To that end we are happy to create a pool of people that we can call on allowing us a level of cover.  

Again, anybody interested please email a completed Expression of Interest (EOI) form to Peter Todd at  in the first instance

Salaried role

Lottery / Commercial Manager

The other key areas where we need to devote more time and resource are Lottery and Commercial. We have formally advertised a part – time salaried post with Commission incentives.

You can view the job advert here